Is happiness at work a 'dirty' word?

By Naomi Simson | Oct 08, 12 08:22 AM

One could argue that work is work and as such why should you expect to have a good time.

I’d worked for a lot of large corporations, some better than others, before I started my own show. But there was one common theme when I was an employee... I seemed to leave the 'real' me at home. I became this suited-up, serious executive that acted like everyone else around me.

When I started my business - I wanted to work in a place that I wanted to work in... Where I could express an opinion and be listened to (Okay so I'm the boss now and people tend to listen - but I wanted everyone to have a say, contribute and be heard.)

I wanted to work in a place where I could wear what suited me and expressed my personality, but most of all I wanted to feel connected, have a laugh and share a smile. To be part of something bigger than myself.

I had all the intention as a leader - but it took years of trial and error to achieve the outcome. The reality is that I knew how I wanted to do business but I did not necessarily have the skills to do so. So I started the business with the intent of having fun - and five years in, I and those around me were not having fun at all - we had got very serious indeed. When employee turnover reached 64% in 2006 - I had to have a tough conversation with myself - and see clearly I must be the problem. Very confronting for any leader.

So imagine how proud I feel now six years later to have created a workplace with an employee engagement score of over 90% in the past four years - when the national average in Australia is just 54%. I did it by getting the right people in the right roles and the first person I hired was an HR professional (known as Employee Experience Manager). There has been a clear and deliverable commercial outcome from creating a great workplace.

But I am daily confronted by people who tell me that it was easy because my business is about encouraging people to experience things that makes them happy.

My business RedBalloon sells experiences ie activities across Australian and New Zealand, from cooking classes to skydiving, hot air ballooning to romantic retreats. But that has absolutely nothing to do with having a team of happy, motivated employees. Much as the 50+ of us would like to be out there sampling our wares everyday, we have a business to run!

We aren’t happy and engaged working at RedBalloon because we sell experiences. We are happy because we choose to work at a business that values happiness. A lawyer’s office could do the same. So, too a bank. So why isn’t happiness part of our everyday working vernacular? I’m sure if it were we’d see a far higher average engagement score which delivers commercial outcomes.

I think it’s because businesses can often take themselves too seriously. Isn’t it referred to as the ‘great game of business’? Yet most people take themselves really seriously - can we all lighten up a bit... after all happy people = happy profits. One of Deepak Chopra’s Five Secrets to Happiness is enjoyment at work and that simple notion can have huge impacts upon productivity, wellbeing and profits.

"If you love what you do every day you never have to work another day in your life" Confucious

In the end it took leadership and committment to creating a happy work place - And we go by the simple addage below and we ask can each team member answer 'yes' to this every day:

"Do I know what I am there to do - did anyone notice and did I go home feeling like a winner?"

So here is a little hint - if you do nothing else, no matter where you sit inside your organizational structure - Say 'thank-you' and appreciate those people around you - and the good feeling will rub off on you too. 

How difficult can a ‘thank-you’ be? I challenge you to authentically thank five people today. Let me know how you go at

"Don't worry be happy" - it's a choice. Not a dirty word.

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Naomi Simson is the founder and CEO of leading online gift retailer, RedBalloon. Naomi is also a  mother, author and blogger - read more from her here.


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Gemma Munro
By Gemma Munro SA | Oct 29, 2012, 05:15 PM

Bravo, Naomi - for your honesty, but also for your wisdom. I started my own business a year ago and it's growing rapidly - and excitingly! But as it grows I have to make sure I remember why I started it in the first place - to have an incredibly positive impact on our clients from a place of real positivity within our team. Your article was a great reminder, thank you.Reply

Adam Fraser
By Adam Fraser NSW | Oct 16, 2012, 04:43 PM

Well said Naomi. There is so much research out there showing that happy cultures lead to better profits, less turnover, more innovation and productive. The next step is to make the choice of driving happiness through our organisation. Reply

Alexandra Stuart
By Alexandra Stuart NSW | Oct 10, 2012, 02:27 PM

Fab post Naomi. Just love it. Reply

Donna Brown
By Donna Brown VIC | Oct 10, 2012, 08:34 AM

Wonderfully written Naomi. I myself promote the concept of working from home and I used to get the "your so lucky to work from home" phrase thrown at me left, right and people realise that its a CHOICE that I work from home. I wanted to, so I worked hard to get there. As such I am happy and free to do what I want, when I want with whom I want. Reply

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