What I've learnt about … being an entrepreneur

By Business Chicks | Nov 30, 16 08:20 AM

Premium member Clare Wood, 36, shares what it's like to run your own show.

The people you hire will make or break your business. If you choose the best, you’ll be the best. Acknowledge your strengths, and hire people to fill the gaps for you. I personally love partnering and hiring other women – girl power!

Having your own business is like having a baby. No one tells you about the sleepless nights. You are constantly thinking about it and worrying about it, often throughout the night … I sleep with a notepad beside my bed now to jot notes!

You have to invest. When I was starting out, I tried to run things in a very lean way, but actually taking some chances and investing (even as a coach, I’ve hired my own business coach!) has really paid off for me. There is also such a mindset shift that takes place when you have more “skin in the game”, too – suddenly it's like, “I can’t afford for this NOT to work!”

The best way to grow a great culture and brand for your business is just to really be yourself, rather than pretend to be who you think you should be. When I am helping my clients develop their business plans, I help them to uncover who they truly are, and encourage them to embrace it! 

“Marketing” is constantly evolving, and I keep upskilling and training to learn as much as I can. There is no “one size fits all”. When you are starting out, you sometimes have to throw a lot of spaghetti at the wall, and hope that some of it sticks. And the stuff that doesn’t? Just gobble it up off the floor and eat it as a valuable lesson!  Preferably with a glass of wine!

Clare is the owner of CTD Solutions, which provides business coaching for women. Check out her website here


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