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By Business Chicks | Dec 07, 16 01:25 PM

Sarah Christian, 33, from The Beautiful Hair Boutique, spills all.

Self-confidence is the best outfit. Rock it and own it! I have learnt over the years that confidence comes so much more from within and is less about physical appearance only. Once we knock over the superficial things, we are still the same person inside. Often people think their lives will change once they are just a little bit skinnier, land that killer new job, change their hair or even buy a sexy new dress. But when it comes down to it, if we aren’t confident on the inside it is almost impossible for this to radiate on the outside. Energy attracts energy and if we are exuding confidence those around us will start to absorb our energy and feel the confidence.

Alopecia knocked my confidence big time. I’ve suffered it for 25 years and rode the rollercoaster of what it feels like first-hand to suffer hair loss. Imagine if what you define your femininity by is suddenly taken away from you, without any rhyme or reason, by a mysterious and confidence-crushing disease. We live in a culture obsessed with hair and everywhere we look we see the next TV commercial, billboard, supermodel or social media superstar showing off their luscious, long silky locks. Can you imagine what it would be like to suffer from having no hair, in a world that defines people by their hair? For me, this reality was all too real and one morning at the tender age of just 9, I woke up to my worst nightmare.

It was not long after that I was diagnosed with alopecia, a rare auto­immune condition which causes sudden hair loss and, just like that, you automatically feel stripped of your femininity, sexuality and beauty. I have suffered alopecia universalis (hair loss all over the body) on and off since then.

A lack of confidence isn’t genetic. It’s not something we are born with and stick with for life. It is something YOU can change. You can take control of your life. The bad news is, there is no quick fix. It is a gradual process, but there is no time like the present to take charge. The good news is, as you build confidence you will build success and no one can take this away from you! Just remember to give yourself a pat on the back every once in a while, too. Many of us Business Chicks opted to break out of the traditional mould and set up our own businesses. It is almost impossible to do this when we have a lack of confidence or low self-esteem hanging over our heads, so we all have it in us to rock our confidence outfits.

My new-found confidence has allowed me to overcome my fears and finally pursue my dreams. You know what, the best part about pursuing my dreams is I now get to help other women build their confidence. I love seeing women walk into the salon, timid, withdrawn and undoubtedly insecure. Once transformed with a beautiful new wig or hair topper they leave happy, and I have have beauties literally bouncing out the door! This honestly makes my day and brings the biggest smile to my face. It makes it all worth it.

Self-promotion isn’t second nature for me. When I first launched The Beautiful Hair Boutique I was VERY cautious about sharing my story, as I didn’t want to look like I was tooting my own horn. However, the response was overwhelming which ultimately has made it so worth it. Many women reached out as a result of reading my story that I soon realised my mission was accomplished, and I was going to help change people's lives.

Try these tips for rock-solid confidence. Here are just a few things I do to help boost my confidence daily! I work in an industry where I am face to face with women (and children) with major confidence issues, so I need to be feeling my best to help my clients be their best too! Most of my clients have absolutely no hair on their heads.

Pick a couple and see how you go – then add more, or try some of your own! 

  1. Replace your negative thoughts with positive ones
  2. Exercise and eat well – trust me, your body will thank you for it! Every morning I get up and do at least 30 mins of exercise to get the blood pumping and let the serotonin kick in.
  3. Dress to impress
  4. Act positive – actions speak louder than words
  5. Prepare yourself for success – I always feel more confident when I feel prepared going into a situation, whether it be work related or a netball grand final.
  6. Stand tall and ooze that confidence, girlfriend
  7. De-clutter your surroundings 
  8. Talk to yourself like you would someone you love
  9. Choose your relationships wisely – surround yourself with those who lift you higher and encourage you to pursue your goals
  10. Fake it till you make it – If you believe in yourself enough, faking it will eventually turn into a reality, and you have made it girl!

Do I have bad days? Of course I do, and this is all part of the journey. I need to ground myself and remember what I have achieved and switch myself back into that positive mindset. If I can’t, I’ll call someone who will. Don’t be afraid to show weakness and reach out to your bestie, mum, colleague or anyone who will help lift you back up. 

Sarah is a Premium member of Business Chicks; connect with her here. And check out The Beautiful Hair Boutique – based in Mosman, Sydney – here


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