Member of the Week, Yvette Bellamy

By Business Chicks | Apr 16, 11 12:56 PM

This week we talk to Yvette Bellamy, Chief Operations Officer of ChangeLabs

Describe your typical day…To describe a typical day for me is an almost impossible task and something I’m grateful for. My “typical” day depends on what the company’s strategic priorities are. With teams of incredible people throughout our business and often with consultants, I deal with everything from developing and implementing technology strategies, HR strategies, financial and budgeting decisions.

When was the last time you felt inspired? I feel inspired almost every day! But if I must think of my most immediate memory of inspiration it was last night at the book launch of “The Good Enough Diet” by two people I admire a lot, Dr Adam Fraser and Tara Diversi. The launch event both inspired me to accept my imperfections, and further to that hearing the story of the authors and how the book itself came about, I was inspired to hear another great story of passion that’s helping change people’s lives in a practical and long lasting way, that’s what our company does every day, but it’s nice to see others doing the same.

What’s next on your Bucket List and why? I’m going to run the City to Surf in Sydney in August 2011.  It’s a way to help raise funds for a charity that my brother, myself and my best friend have started to support an orphanage in Haiti called Building Future. It’ll also inspire me to integrate some much needed exercise into my life.  I’ll be leaving the next day for a holiday in New York with my mother before visiting old friends in California; creating incredible memories with my Mum is also on my bucket list, and I may as well look good in the photos!

Tell us something about you that may surprise people? Prior to my professional career, In my late teens and early twenties I was a photographer and had the pleasure of standing on many punk rock stages taking photos of bands both live and for artistic purposes of album covers etc; I’ve since always kept a finger in the photography pie staying involved in wedding and portrait photography over the years.

What’s your top tip for success? Make time for yourself, make time to think about your business and your life and enjoy your life - it’s not worth it if you aren’t having some fun doing it.

What would you like to get from your Business Chicks experience? I’d like to meet professionals all throughout Australia, the previous five years of my professional career have been spent in the USA, so my professional networks are all there. I would like to build a network of people that can help in referring people to our business - recruiters, business analysts, photographers, IT professional, sales professionals, we use a lot of consultants! I’d also love to learn something and make a few friends along the way.

As our Member of Week, Yvette receives a gift of a free makeover from Napoleon Perdis, valued at $80.

Learn more about, and connect with, Yvette Bellamy here


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